What is the Associated Sports Australia Trust?

The Associated Sports Australia Trust (ASAT) was founded in 2000 to provide assistance to individuals and their families who have suffered a sport-related spinal injury.

ASAT’s initial function was to support and liaise with the family and injured individual to assist them in adapting to the sudden change in lifestyle; sourcing equipment and medical care, funding and professional support.

ASAT’s achievements include the Blue Mountains Blue Wave commemorative journey and educational program, the assistance and support of several Blue Mountains individuals who have suffered a sport-related spinal injury, and the ASAT Trust Plate, a fundraising golf tournament.

This year, ASAT’s main focus is the Miles Graham Respite Retreat, a unique option for families with a member suffering a spinal injury, allowing the family to holiday together. The plans for the completely accessible holiday home include an in-house carer to allow the family a break from full-time care, without the stress of having to leave behind the injured individual for a holiday.

The Miles Graham Respite Retreat will be built in the Blue Mountains and there are many opportunities for business sponsorship and individual donations.