Are you looking for financial advice? Do you need a financial planner to help protect and grow your wealth?

At Evolution Wealth Management we pride ourselves on delivering strategic financial advice, planning, structure and service in a simple and easy to understand manner. Our services cover the following,

With our personalised ongoing support and service, we help you make decisions to meet your individual financial needs.

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Aged 30 to 40

Independents in relationships and young families with debts and financial responsibilities.

We assist many individuals and families who are buying homes for the first time, may have young children and are very busy working fulltime or running a business.

This is an extremely important time in your life to ensure you are managing and protecting your financial circumstances to the best of your ability.

Aged 40 to 50

Wealth accumulation, debt management and taking control of your super.

We often help people at this stage of their lives with advice on achieving specific financial objectives.

We advise solely on the interests of the individual whether that be reducing debt and building equity in your own home, looking at buying an investment property, taking control of your superannuation via a self managed super fund or consolidating multiple superannuation accounts into one.

Aged 50 to 65+

Pre retirement planning and retirees.

Planning for retirement is difficult and so many questions need to be answered like how much money will you need to live on, what age can I retire, will I be able to afford it, not to mention trying to understand the complexity around superannuation, government pensions and taxation.

We make the process simple as we walk you through step by step all the things that need to be considered and help you with advice and information to assist you make informed decisions on meeting your retirement objectives.

Superannuation Advice

Are you receiving the best quality advice for your fees?

We help you determine the best way forward in a cost effective & proactive manner.


Insurance Solutions

What would happen if you were injured and could no longer work?

Ensure peace of mind with insurance solutions tailored for you.


Retirement Planning

Are you over 55 and in the workforce?

Evolution Wealth Management will ensure your transition into retirement comes with the peace of mind of financial security.



Want to repay your debts quicker?

We are specialists in helping you reduce your debts with speed and efficiency.


Financial Planner Penrith

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